Master electronic principles and installation techniques for the latest technologies

Inspecting Server

Gain a competitive advantage in the modern workforce applying skillsets that are high in demand.

Working with Servers Sq

Discover new AV Tech positions with opportunities for exciting projects, travel, and lucrative career growth.

Working with Servers Sq

Why AV? The demand for technicians has never been higher.

Career Paths:

AV Installation Technician
Onsite AV Technician
Audiovisual Systems Engineer
Audiovisual Systems Designer/Consultant
AV Programmer
Systems Designer
Field Service Engineer
CAD Engineer
Technical Service & Maintenance Engineer
Project Manager
Assitant Director of Multimedia Services
Sales Executive


*Referencing various job posting boards in February 2023
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At Sheffield, you'll train with the best in the industry.


Server Instruction
Server Instruction
Electronics Instruction

Our World-Class Technology Partners

Our 20,000 sq.ft. studios are certified training facilities with world-class technology partners: Crestron and Avixa.

Meet Your Instructors

Keith Kelley
Keith has been a professional audio engineer since 1999, working in virtually every capacity of the industry. Keith has logged thousands of hours recording, mixing, mastering, and doing post production audio for film.
Keith Nachodsky
Keith has been a systems design engineer for the past 10+ years and does everything from sales-engineering to design-engineering to integration to live sound production.

Discover AV technology at the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts

TechWorks will train you to become an Audio Video Technician

The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts teaches future industry professionals how to become Pro-Audiovisual or AV technicians. Our staff of industry professionals provide hands-on AV training experiences, immersing students in a real-world environments and preparing them for the CTS exam. Our Techworks program prepares students for in-demand careers in the Pro-AV field and arms them with the opportunity to earn their AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification. The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts is approved by The Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Beginning with the basics of electronic principles, this course is designed to guide you on a well-structured path exploring and learning the skills and techniques needed to compete in today’s highly competitive audio/video industry. From the basics of cable management and rack building to systems networking and preventive maintenance, TechWorks will give you the skills and audio-visual certification today’s employers are seeking.

About Sheffield

Since 1968, Sheffield Recordings Ltd. has been synonymous with high-end professional audio & video production. We have co-created with the likes of Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, Elvis Costello, Walt Disney Motion Pictures, etc

Today, in our 20,000 sq. ft. Maryland headquarters we help artists and brands create world-class audio and video content. Our soundstage and our audio and video studios have the cutting-edge gear and the elite staff that discerning professionals expect.

At our school, The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts we teach future industry professionals about audio engineering, audio-visual tech, and video production. Licensed by the Maryland Higher Education Commission we provide certifications in audio engineering, video production, and audio-visual technology. Our staff of industry professionals provides hands-on learning experiences while immersing students in a real-world environment.


  • Prospective students applying for initial admission to our recording arts school in Baltimore, Maryland are required to provide a copy of their high school diploma, transcript, or GED equivalent.
  • Students registering will need to bring:
  • $25 Registration Fee
  • Proof of Graduation (High School Diploma or GED)


Each student will be given a personal tour of our Phoenix, MD facility and will get a glimpse of our AV training lab, student lounge, and adjacent learning spaces. Prospective students will interview with one of our school officials to determine the student's level of motivation and interest in our Techworks program. Students must possess the minimum verbal and written communication skills needed to be successful. Prior to every program, students will be given a review of the school policies, receive program documents and have a picture taken for their student identification badge.


The easiest way to learn more is to fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you within 24-hours. We love hosting prospective students and look forward to inviting you to take a tour of Sheffield!