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Top 7 Video Production Myths

Video production has helped millions of businesses create marketing videos to help increase exposure and profits. According to recent research, videos increase the viewer’s understanding about a product or service by 74%. Additionally, 100 million viewers watch a video online every day, and 75% of viewers visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video. With results this strong, how can you afford to NOT use video production to enhance your company's image and exposure?


Many people believe video production is just too expensive, or that their website doesn't really need it. In this article, we will take a look at the top 7 video production myths, as well as cold hard facts in these myths.


Myth 1: My website doesn't need video

The Facts: This is the easiest myth to bust because if you want to market a website, product, or service, you DO need video. According to one study, the top three branded ads of 2013 have been shared well over 11.5 million times. Marketers get excited over their ad being shared hundreds of times, could you imagine having one shared millions of times, reaching millions of viewers? A solid marketing plan and a well-made, high-quality video can help you achieve this dream.


Myth 2: Video production is too expensive

The Facts: This myth all boils down to how bad you want to see results. Sure, you can take your smartphone and start recording yourself speaking about your product or service, but how professional will that actually look? Can people understand you with the low-quality sound? Will people take it seriously? Video production incorporates a variety of high-quality enhancement apps and tools that ensure your video will look professional, sound professional, and deliver your message directly to the viewers.


Myth 3: It's best to wait to determine how a video fares before investing much money into it

The Facts: This marketing method is most often used in television and printed content, but when it comes to video, this is not the best option. According to a study by Unruly, a full 25% of all online video shares occur within the first three days after a video has been published. Videos that are not seen quickly do not often get established at a later date.


Myth 4: Video marketing should only be directed at the YouTube platform

The Facts: YouTube may be the largest video site in the world, but it is not the only one. In fact, YouTube accounts for around 40% of the video market. That means if you are directing all of your videos at YouTube viewers, you are missing out on 60% of the market! YouTube should be an integral part of your video marketing plan, but don't be afraid to send that video to additional outlets. This will help increase exposure, which will most likely result in increased sales.


Myth 5: Video production is complicated and takes too much time

The Facts: It is true that in the past, video production often took a long time, as there simply was not any of the sophisticated apps and tools that are available today. However, with so many tools available, it can seem a little complicated and overwhelming at times. This is why it is important to hire a professional video production company that is very experienced. Depending on the complexity of the video requirements, most videos can now be completed within a few days to a couple of weeks.


Myth 6: Videos should always be as short as possible

The Facts: We've all heard that the best videos are short and directly to the point. As a general overview, this isn't false. There are many situations that require more information, but many marketers omit critical information in order to keep the video as short as possible. Certain types of videos require additional content. For instance, if your videos are supposed to be funny or shocking, then a short, direct video is perfect. If you don't grab the viewers' attention quickly, you may lose them. If your video promotes any aspects of pride, history, or informational content, longer videos can give the viewers the information they need to make an informed decision about the product or service.


Myth 7: Number of views is the best way to rate the success of videos

The Facts: A high number of views is great, and it can let you know how many people are watching your video. But one thing it does not let you know: the number of people that are interested in the product or service that the video is promoting. Video success should not simply be measured by views, although the number of views is important to a point. More sophisticated marketing methods and apps should be used to determine what the viewer does AFTER watching the video. Do most of them simply click out and do something else? Do some of them do an internet search about the product or service? How many actually visit the website of the product or service being promoted by the video? The answers to these questions can be much more effective at rating the success of a promotional video.



With so many myths floating around about video production, it’s easy to see why many companies are hesitant about using it, but the benefits far outweigh any negatives that come with video production. As seen in the facts above, videos production vastly increases marketing results and company exposure, and it is affordable and not too complicated. Give video production a try on your next marketing video, and see for yourself the difference in results.