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6 Surprising Video Marketing Misconceptions Debunked

It should come as no surprise to you that airing your company’s video commercial on a popular television station during the season finale of AMC's "The Walking Dead,” or during a sports event such as the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament on CBS is going to cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars. 

However, thanks to the Internet, the reduced cost of equipment and technology, and affordable production companies such as Sheffield Audio-Video Productions, almost any business can now afford to create and broadcast video commercials to their intended audiences, even in the competitive Baltimore market.

Yet, so many companies have continued to lag when it comes to utilizing video production in their marketing efforts, especially on the Internet.  Today we will explore some of the most common “excuses” companies have for not implementing video production into their marketing efforts and dispel what are actually myths surrounding the video production industry.



Video Production and Your Business: Don't Let These 6 Myths Hold You Back

1. It Isn’t Versatile for Marketing

Video production in Baltimore County is not only about lead generation.  In addition to generating leads, a good video can drive traffic to your website, influence purchase decisions, establish your credibility as a business owner, and inform your audience about the services you provide. 

Video is a powerful tool for reaching audiences in an effective and emotional way.  If integrated into your overall marketing strategy, video production can reach both your loyal customers and spark an interest in new ones in a way that many other forms of marketing simply cannot.   

The takeaway – Video production in Baltimore is about more than just generating direct leads.  Use your video in versatile ways to advertise and inform, persuade and entertain.  There are no limits.


2. It’s Too Expensive

Your local Baltimore video production does not have to cost you your annual marketing budget if you do it right.  In fact, as online audiences continue to embrace a more informal way of advertising, you can get away with producing a commercial quickly and easily yourself using things such as YouTube, Instagram, and Vine.

The truth is that there does not seem to be any direct correlation between the cost of a video and its effectiveness.  It is your content that matters the most.  You can spend one million dollars on a boring, unemotional commercial and make no additional revenue from it.  Or, you can spend $1,000 bucks on a professional quality commercial that interests your audience and make solid conversions from it. 


The takeaway – Don’t let money be the driving cause of your business not having a commercial. Spend what you can and make your brand’s message clear.  Your audience is sure to love it.


3. It’s All About the Views…and My Audience Isn’t Watching

By the end of 2016, it is estimated that 71% of all mobile traffic will be viewing video content via laptops, tablets, and of course, smartphones. 

So, saying “your audience” will not see your online video, especially on their mobile device, is a myth. 

Still don’t believe me?

55% of people polled stated that they watch an online video every single day.  Plus, every day on YouTube alone hundreds of millions of hours of video content is viewed by people all over the world.  I am pretty sure your targeted audience falls somewhere in at least one of those statistics.

With the help of a video producer and editor, you will be able to optimize all aspects of your video production so that your message reaches the widest net of people.  Solid concepts, a clear script including calls to action, perfect lighting and sound, and, of course, expert editing to pull it all together will encourage the type of traffic you are looking for.

The takeaway – Even if, by some miracle, a large segment of your audience is somehow completely out of touch with technology, if you make sure your brand is visible in the online world, you are going to open up your business to a whole slew of other customers that will make your production efforts worth it. 


4. You Can’t Track Results

There is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to video production and the Internet that only views of your video can be tracked. 

Tracking audience behavior such as attention span, click-through rates, subscription rates, and return on investment (ROI) are the key to knowing if your video is working or not.  And, contrary to what many people believe, data analysis tools such as Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and other metric-based apps can now help you determine whether your video is giving you your desired results. 

Measuring how your video is being found online, how often it is being watched, and which parts are encouraging action on your viewer’s behalf are more figures that can help you decide on the changes needed for improving the effectiveness of your video.

The takeaway – There are so many available tools today for measuring the numbers when it comes to user interaction with your video production.  Do a little research, see which ones work for you, and start making positive changes today.


5. Only Viral Videos Are Effective

Going viral is awesome, but not necessarily in the marketing realm.  Not only is going viral extremely difficult to do (most videos just get lucky) you may not like the attention a viral video brings.  Oftentimes a viral video is inappropriate or shocking, which may not fall in line with your brand and can even harm your reputation.  Plus, a viral video may land in the hands of the wrong people who have no intention of purchasing your products.


The takeaway – Don’t waste money trying to produce a video that will go viral.  If it happens, great.  At least you will know that it did because of your great content and high standards.  Your image, and customers, are worth it.


6. My Website Doesn’t Need It

One great way to set yourself apart from the competition is to include video on your company’s website.  This is just an added opportunity to attract, convert, and retain customers.  Utilizing video on your website can increase awareness about your brand, showcase your company’s strengths, and add the personal touch customers seek when looking for a trusted company to do business with.

The takeaway – Put in the extra effort to add video to your website so that it stands out amongst the many websites in your company’s industry.  Your bottom line will thank you.


Final Thoughts

Many Baltimore businesses do not have an unlimited marketing budget to spend on producing expensive videos to air on TV, like those you see during your favorite televisions shows.  This, along with the many excuses for not implementing video production into their overall marketing strategy, is causing many business owners to miss out on great opportunities for expanding their brand and increasing sales.

Integrating video production into your Baltimore business’ marketing efforts will yield positive results with the right production company.  If you are looking for someone to help craft the perfect video for your company, contact Sheffield Audio-Video Productions.  With cutting edge technology, experienced industry experts, and the ability to provide a professional final product that your business deserves, Sheffield can help your with all of your video production and editing needs.