Benefits of Video Marketing

5 Industries that See the Greatest Results from Video Marketing – Is Yours One of Them?

In the past, we have discussed what makes a successful commercial and how, when done properly, a video commercial advertising your company can bring emotions, faces, voices, and authenticity to your brand.

Today, we will recap on why it’s important to consider implementing video production into your company’s marketing efforts and explore some of the top industries that have done just that…successfully.

Is your company one of the industries that can see great results from video marketing?  Keep reading to find out!


What Quality Video Marketing Can Do

Having a versatile marketing plan is the key to reaching the widest possible audience and gaining new customers.  Whether you own a large corporation or a small family owned business, every company can benefit from producing a quality video commercial.

  • Continual Use.  Once created you can air your video commercial as many times as you want without having to invest any more of your annual budget into producing a new one.
  • Better Connection.  Video commercials have the potential to reach audiences on a global scale if you wish.  This is especially true when using the Internet to advertise. 
  • Clarity about Your Product.  Oftentimes a video commercial can provide a clearer explanation of your product.  With visual and verbal cues, your customers will come to know your brand more intimately than they would reading an article with similar information.
  • Nurture Leads and Retain Loyal Customers.  With a solid video commercial, you are able to remind you customers that you are there for them and that you care about their needs.  New customers will come across your commercial more easily when aired on multiple platforms and returning customers will remember how they felt the first time they purchased and may be drawn into repeat their business with you.
  • Familiarity.  Being able to visually see your products can breed familiarity among customers.  You want to be the brand that pops into a customer’s mind when they need to purchase your products or services. 
  • Personal Touch.  Video marketing lets you reach your audience in a more personal way.  By incorporating the human element into your commercial, you can inspire customers to do business with you.


Industries with Great Video Marketing Results

Marketing your company’s products and services so that customers will pay for them takes a dedication to the art of advertising.  The following companies take video marketing to a new level of success.  Learn from them and implement their tactics into your own video marketing productions.  You never know, your company might be next on the list of top rated commercials of this year.


Tech Industry

There is no denying the power of Apple in the tech world.  Mac computers, IPods, iTunes, and iPhones are some of the far reaching products Apple convinces audiences to purchase, regardless of the absurd price some of their products come with. 

But how do they do it?

When it comes to technology the average customer knows nothing about megabytes, processing power, or pixel quality. 

This is where Apple excels. 

In their advertising efforts they communicate in a language their customers will understand, minus the technical jargon.

In addition, in one of their most notable video commercials, Apple shows the consumer that the product being advertised is versatile and that a diverse group of people can benefit from buying it.  As referenced by the many stickers fixed onto the product, the commercial shows that photographers, gamers, and professionals, creatives, Disney lovers, and music buffs can all purchase a MacBook and stamp their “ownership” of the product on it, figuratively and literally.


Automotive Industry

After Toyota introduced their luxury brand Lexus, beating out Mercedes and BMW for sales, they really stayed on top of their video marketing game in order to remain ahead of the competition.

This year, Toyota followed the rising trend of releasing their 2016 Super Bowl ad 3 weeks ahead of the actual game.  In hopes of getting more air time both before and after the game’s airing of the commercial, Toyota expanded their reach as far as they could without losing the excitement of being a Super Bowl ad.

In addition, Toyota took a very creative path when it came to sharing this commercial’s content with their intended audience by capitalizing on the power of social media.  By paying people with lots of Facebook clout to share Toyota’s commercial on their personal Facebook feeds, word got out about the newest Camry model like never before.


Food Industry

Taco Bell has proven over time that they have what it takes when it comes to producing a great video commercial that inspires people to get out and buy food.

Taco Bell uses visual cues (yummy food!), solid branding (everyone knows the Bell), and a strange call to action in this video, which aired on Super Bowl Sunday 2016.  Their newest menu item, the ‘Quesalupa’ took main stage in this commercial that referenced humorous trends (cue the man buns and Tinder accounts) leaving viewers with a great visual that probably made many people hungry. 

In addition, prior to releasing the name of the new menu item, Taco Bell took a creative marketing turn by encouraging viewers to purchase the item before even knowing what it was.  Although the call to action was not directly embedded in the commercial itself, this is a great example of how to include a call to action in your advertising.

If you can get someone to purchase a product without even knowing what it is, I would say you are on to something.


Apparel Industry

Nike has long been one of the most effective emotional branding examples in the apparel industry.  Emotional branding goes a long way with customers and Nike is well aware of that. 

By producing video commercials such as this one, Nike plays on the storyline that within us all lies a hero and a villain.  The constant struggle against our inner villain (often laziness or lack of motivation) forces our inner hero to fight back (perhaps by waking up at the crack of dawn to run).  This is an idea many people can related to on an emotional level and by seeing this visual, people are inspired to act on their urge to fight the villain. 

And of course, the only way to fight the inner villain is to buy a pair of Nike shoes right?


Beauty Industry

As one of the most controversial industries in America today, Dove can be credited for providing a very specific audience type exactly what they need to feel comfortable purchasing beauty items.

By taking advantage of many people’s mistrust of the beauty industry, and a deep dislike for the standards placed on women through various media outlets, Dove created a now well-known video campaign dedicated to exposing the harsh realities of the beauty industry while providing you with beauty products that don’t stand for those impossible standards.


Final Thoughts

In the end, even if your company’s industry was not mentioned in the above video marketing examples, that does not mean your business is not capable of providing something informative, useful, and entertaining for your customers, while also encouraging them to buy from you. 

The truth is, there are hundreds of industries out there seeing great results thanks to well-produced video marketing campaigns and yours does not have to be the exception. 

If you are looking to start a video marketing campaign for your company and are located in the Baltimore area, check out Sheffield Audio-Visual Productions for help.  With a deep-seated knowledge about what makes a great commercial, Sheffield is the perfect type of studio to help businesses of all sizes see great results from video marketing.