Why an In-House Videographer Won't Make the Final Cut

Creating videos for your business's website is all the rage these days. They're engaging, informative, and help earn your customer's trust by putting a face to your brand.

But, it can seem stressful to get a video produced because of all the time and expenses that go into the process. Small companies with small budgets might be hesitant to hire a video production company to handle this project for them, so they probably choose to use an in-house videographer. However, that may not be the best choice...

So why is using an in-house videographer not a good idea?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of why your in-house talent won't make the final cut when it comes to creating your company's videos. And then we'll take a look at how using a professional agency can actually be cheaper and make your life easier.

Cons of Using an In-House Videographer

1. A One-Man Show Won't Cut It

It takes a lot of talent and many different skills to produce a high-quality video: planning, brainstorming, directing, lighting, editing, filming, color grading... Those are only a few of the aspects that go into creating a quality video.

Those are a lot of hats for a one-man-show to wear. There are too many layers to producing videos that it is very hard to be a jack-of-all-trades.

Not only that, but managing a deadline and staying within a timeframe can make the project seem very stressful for one person to conquer, which could possibly result in sloppy quality and a poor finished video.

2. In-House Videographers Are Expensive

It may seem like the cheaper route to take instead of hiring an agency to use a team of in-house talent to produce videos for your business. But the truth is, it is probably costing you more. 

Finding, and growing, an internal team of qualified people to produce your videos is extremely time consuming and very costly. It would take time from your schedule to hire and manage this new team of people, and paying each of them would be an ineffective use of your already-limited budget.

Creating a professional-grade video takes a lot of collaboration. Hiring a team of qualified, experienced individuals that mesh well together is so important. If they clash on ideas and production methods, the results could be disastrous, and end up costing you more time and money.

3. Equipment is Very Expensive


As if hiring and managing a team of in-house talent wasn't costly enough, now you are tasked with purchasing all the equipment needed in order to produce these videos for your business.

Unfortunately, with technological advances occurring so rapidly, that means cameras and production equipment are also ever-changing. Buying all the software your team will need to edit the video can also add up in cost.

Unless you are using this equipment on a very regular basis, there's a pretty good chance that after using it once or twice, it will just sit around and collect dust. That's not a very sound investment.

Another big problem with purchasing all of this expensive equipment is that if your production team ever leaves your company, no one will be familiar with your camera and software. This leaves you with finding a new videographer and training them on the equipment your company had purchased.

In-house videographers might seem like a great idea: they're familiar with your business plan, they might be really good at telling stories, etc. But for the most part, having in-house talent will cause you more stress than it's even worth.

Now let's look at a few advantages of hiring an agency to produce your business's videos.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Production Company

1. Years of Experience and Training

You won't be their first, or last, client.  Professional production companies have perfected the art of their craft through years of experience directing, editing, and producing high-quality videos for people in all industries.

Professional companies make sure their staff is up-to-date on all the hottest trends and fads in video production so when it comes time to work with clients, they know exactly what will help their business boom!

Hiring an agency removes the learning curing from the equation, making the whole process much easier for you, which leaves you more time to focus on other aspects of your growing business. It's their job to create the best finished product so you can do your job better.

2. Abundance of Creativity

Professionals already have a team of experts team of experts that work together like a well-oiled machine. Their staff works to bring your company and infusion of creativity that will make your product and brand stand out among your competitors.

Because they are creative, it won't take long for them to create a storyline for your video that flows smoothly, even if they don't know all the ins-and-outs of your industry. Sometimes having people that are outside of your industry can bring in fresh, new ideas that you many not have thought about. These ideas and story-telling skills will take your video from mediocre to amazing!

3. They Work With You

You hired them, which means you have the final say over the finished product, as well as your timeframe and deadline for the video.

A team of professionals are very aware of keeping deadlines for their clients, because they want to maintain a good reputation and earn your loyalty. They work with you to create a smart and reasonable workflow that covers all aspects of the production process.

When all is said and done, your company will be much prouder of a video that is produced by a group of professionals, as opposed to something an in-house videographer could create.

Video producer Jeff Harper thinks that it's even more cost-effective to hire professionals, "Customers of a professional videographer receive the benefit of expensive equipment and the skill the videographer brings to the table, at just a fraction of the cost."

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