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Crafting Your Niche: Internet Streaming Video Production

As people continue to make the shift from traditional cable television viewing to internet streaming services, video producers are faced with an entirely new and expanding niche market that is sure to become more lucrative as time passes.

With internet streaming customers demanding more customized content, by way of original programming and advertisements, the business of internet streaming production has really opened up new opportunities for video producers to build a niche business for themselves.

Today, we will examine the state of internet streaming in the current market, how it may affect your career in video production, and how you might be able to carve out a niche career for yourself in the world of internet streaming. 

Internet Streaming Today

It should come as no surprise that the current state of internet streaming is positive and continuing to grow.  With increasing volumes of video content being delivered over the Internet, customers now have access to televised content via desktops, tablets, and mobile phones rather than simply through their televisions. 

What makes internet streaming even more popular than traditional cable television is the fact that streaming services can now provide content and advertisements catered to the specific needs and interests of viewers.  In fact, 63% of U.S. adults claim that original content is the one reason they select a specific internet streaming service over traditional TV.  Streaming services that also add in content recommended specifically for each individual user have struck gold with their customers. 

Still not entirely convinced?  Check out these statistics about American households:

  • 42% use internet streaming services
  • 56% stream movies
  • 53% stream television shows
  • 60% of Millennials watch movies on devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones

All of this has begun to shape the industry of website video production in ways like never before.  With television reigning as king over radio since the early 1950s, change like this has been a long time coming.


Netflix and Hulu

As two of the most well-known and popular internet streaming services worldwide, it is important to note how a career in video production may fit into such niche markets.

As the largest online streamer of movies and television shows, Netflix currently has over 82 million subscribers.  They offer recommended viewing based on previously watched movies or shows (catered content) and have even stepped into the production world within the last couple of years. 

With shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black being produced by the Netflix Production Company, a graduate of The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts interested in website video production may have the opportunity to take part in their original content production efforts. 

With increasing competition from the likes of Amazon and Facebook, both of which offer internet streaming similar to their own audience, Netflix has taken on an entirely new niche market with the production of original content.  And based on the popularity of those initial shows, there is no end in sight when it comes to their own video production endeavors. 

Hulu on the other hand, although offering a similar service to Netflix, includes commercials in their internet streaming.  According to Hulu:

“Commercials are included on Hulu in order to reduce the monthly subscription price of the service. We try our best to tailor advertising to your interests so that the advertising you see on Hulu is relevant and useful to you.”

Though viewers are not always keen on the idea of commercials during internet streaming (after all, that is what television does right?), the fact that the advertisements are catered to the needs of each individual subscriber make them a little less annoying. 

If you are into website video production this may pose as a great niche market for you to enter.  Concentrating on the defined audience of internet streamers and what they want out of advertisements can make you valuable to the companies looking to produce such advertisements and air them on Hulu. 


Other Niche-Related Internet Streamers

Beside the powerhouse internet streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon’s Lovefilm, and YouTube, there are other up-and-coming niche markets a video producer may be interested in getting involved with during this critical time of growth. 

  • FASTHockey -  Known to be the fastest growing internet streaming services for all things hockey, FASTHockey caters to hockey fans around the world.
  • WWE Network -  Wrestling fans are crazy about their wrestling and this internet streaming service caters to that.
  • PGA TOUR LIVE -  Offering exclusive access to never before seen footage production, subscribers get more than what television can offer them.
  • MUBI -  Dedicated to providing viewers films from around the world, MUBI caters to a specific group of foreign film lovers.

All of these streaming services, and others much like them, require the expertise of a video production team to produce the content being served to subscribers on a daily basis.  By jumping into one of these niche markets, you will stand out amongst the average video producer in both experience and skill as your career progresses.


Finding Your Niche in the Video Production Industry

Niche businesses, whether promoting a single product or a specialized service, have the ability to target defined markets that are often overlooked or underserved.  Here are some great tips for marketing yourself in the internet streaming production industry.


Offer a Simple, Yet Specialized Service

If there is a particular niche you are interested in, become an expert at it.  Figure out if you want to produce streaming movies, television shows, or commercials.  Then take it one step further.  Will you be involved in full-length movies, television series, or even website explainer videos?  Are you an expert at quick, 30-second commercials or are you looking to produce longer, more informative content to be streamed on YouTube or similar platforms?

The more you can specialize, the easier it will be for you to find your fit in a particular niche.


Define Your Audience

Finding a niche marketplace that is overlooked or underserved is the first step to finding a place for your services.  Look deep within a larger, more commercial industry and make a profile of your target customer. 

  • Who needs your services in this marketplace?
  • Why do you feel they are underserved and how can you help them?
  • What services can you offer that no one else is offering?

Capitalizing on the needs of business’ that require video production is going to help you become successful.  If you wish to enter a larger video production company, the competition will be tough so be versatile but also have some specialty skills you can bring to the table.


Define Their Audience

Once you have determined your perfect client requiring your video production skills, take a closer look at their audience.  Knowing what your client’s audience needs, possibly before they know themselves, will lend your brand authority, credibility, and success. 


Final Thoughts

As you enter the world of video production, it is important to be aware of the growing marketplace and niche businesses that are popping up.  Internet streaming is one of many niche markets people in the video production industry can get involved with.  Understanding the true realm of video production that is available to you will allow you to expand your skillset and share that with clients from all over.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of students involved in video production and are in the Maryland area, contact The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts.  Here, you will gain all of the knowledge and hands-on training needed to make it in the video production industry, whether in the niche of internet streaming or not.  Contact us today and see how we can help you get on your way to landing your dream job.