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Audio Engineering and the Role of Advanced Technology


Looking back at how audio engineering has changed over the years is incredible to say the least.  These changes can, in large, be attributed to the rising demand for more technologically sophisticated recording techniques and audio-based products for the everyday consumer.

As an audio engineer it is important to stay current with the changing technologies and how these advancements may affect your audio engineering career. 

Recording Studio Technology

Recording sessions in music studios have seen many changes due to the advancements of technology that have the potential to alter the way some audio engineers conduct their work.

Touch Screens

Touch screen capabilities are taking over everything digital.  From your smartphone to your tablet, even to your desktop computer, touch screens are one of the biggest technology trends to hit the market.

It makes sense that touch screens would spill over into audio engineering.  Digital audio mixing consoles can now be controlled with the smooth responsive touch of a control panel that improves user interaction.

Wireless Equipment

Setting up equipment without the tangle and hassle of cable wires is the next big thing when it comes to recorded or live music performances.  Effortless set up via a wireless connection will make things look better, work better, and will save a ton of time!

Cloud Computing

Another big trend to make technological waves  is the use of cloud storage for audio engineers.  No more hardware storage is necessary when you can access the cloud of files from any device, anywhere, anytime.  The cloud solution is also helpful for growing companies because the cloud easily scales with company growth without having to acquire additional hardware to store information.

Audio Engineering


As an audio engineer, there are many different career options to choose from.  Some of the most obvious (studio recording engineer, live recording engineer, or installation technician) are very popular among students attending audio engineering classes. 

But many students are unaware of the specialty audio engineering careers available and how technological advancements have improved these careers over time.

Gaming Audio Engineer

Responsible for creating the soundtracks for a video and/or computers games, a gaming audio engineer might develop compose, score, or record music, sound effects, character voices, spoken instructions, and more.

With technology’s increased integration of user interaction (Wii Remote), touchscreen capabilities (iOs and Android), and even non-contact technologies (PlayStation Eye) to video and computer games, the need for effective and high-quality audio is more important  than ever.  Audio engineers must keep up with these new technologies and understand how to incorporate their expertise into these products. 

Automotive Audio Engineer

As cars become further infused with technology, the need for audio engineers remains consistent.  High-quality music and talk technologies are finding their way into average, non-luxury brand vehicles and require the expertise of audio engineers.  Built-in voice recognition systems, specific audio for silent electric cars such as “engine start” and “engine running” sounds, and state-of-the-art sound systems all require specialty audio engineering knowledge. 

Audio-based Consumer Products

Being an audio engineer is more than just managing the volume and sound quality of a recording session using technology; it’s what those techniques can bring to the consumer that have  a major impact as well.  Here are some great trends in consumer products that require the expertise of audio engineers:


One of the simplest and least expensive ways to get surround sound in your living room is to make use of a soundbar.  Consumers will enjoy all of the hard work and dedication audio engineers have put into the television shows, films, or song recordings of their favorite artists in the comfort of their own home. 

Wireless Headsets

When Beats by Dre hit the stores, consumers were quick to pick up on the amazing sounds recorded by none other than audio engineers.  Wireless technology, specifically when it comes to headsets and how consumers will listen to their favorite songs, has been revolutionized and major audio companies are jumping on this trend quickly. 

Google Cast

Google’s newest streaming protocol is aiming to compete with Apple’s AirPlay by streaming music from smartphone devices straight to wireless speakers.  This intuitive technology forces recording studios to produce the highest quality sounds they can because consumers are coming to expect only the best when they invest in such advanced technologies to listen to their music.

Being an audio engineer can be complex.  There are many avenues a career in audio engineering can take you and the effect your work has on the music industry, the field of audio engineering, and products developed with significant audio components is exciting.  As technology continues to progress and consumers demand more high-tech products, audio engineers have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of those demands and create beautiful audio for everyone to enjoy.